We Use tax Law To Your Advantage.


I had heard the radio ad for Rose Harbaugh’s service and was drawn by the fact that she had worked for years for the IRS and understood their procedures. I was truly embarrassed by the mess I had made of my 2005 taxes, but was soon assured in our first meeting that she could help me straighten out my 05′ returns. Her pleasant demeanor soon put me at ease, and I was surprised to be talking to someone who thoroughly enjoys the work she does and being helpful to her clients in such a sensitive area.

I have spoken highly of her to many of my friends and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her service. And more importantly… she has become a good friend as well.

Tom Kocher
Lewisburg, Pa.

As a long time and very well served client of Ms. Rose Harbaugh and her tax firm, Advantage Tax Accounting Service, I am pleased to confirm her most successful and professional representation of me in all tax matters, both State and Federal.

It is a pleasure to be able to totally recommend Ms. Harbaugh as a true professional, ethical, knowledgeable, and successful tax representative. I do so without reservation.

James T. Frese

One thing I know for certain, when I met Rose Harbaugh, shortly after my mother passed away in 1998, she greeted me at her home with only that which she can do to make one feel that there is light at the end of every tunnel. She has prepared my tax returns ever since. The knowledge she possesses along with her charm and wit, are rare and she takes time to give each and every client “individual attention.” Never fret if you call and she does not answer her phone … “she is most likely giving another client her undivided attention” but she will always call you back. Rose has given me reasons not to fear tax season because even if it doesn’t look very good to me, she always does something magical to make it better. I love her for all that she is and all that she does. Rosie you are truly a blessing in my life. Thank you.

Mary Buzzell
Bel Air, Md.

About 4 years ago we switched over to Advantage Tax Service for the preparation of our annual taxes. It was like going into the dark of night into the light of a bright day!!!!!

Rose is super and we only wish we had found her many years before we did. She even went back over some of the years before we switched to her and gained us thousands of dollars that was lost in the shuffle by the other tax service.

Until we found Rose, we didn’t really understand how important it is to have a professional person like here to prepare our taxes.

We would encourage anyone who might be looking for a great tax service to let Rose prepare your taxes one time and you will never go to anyone else.

The Edwards