We Use tax Law To Your Advantage.

Welcome to Advantage Tax Service

We at Advantage Tax Accounting Service take pride in working with clients through the full process to settle their I.R.S. or State Tax Problems. You are not alone when dealing with these agencies. Working for the I.R.S., the founder – Rose Harbaugh witnessed first hand the extraordinary amount of people who overpaid their taxes. Being a I.R.S. employee and unable to help the taxpayer at that time, led to founding our company.

Helping Real People With Real Tax Problems

Our services are geared to people who need realistic and practical advice. Our evaluation of your problem includes a plan to insure that your problem is resolved, now and in the future.


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We Are Different Because We Make Certain:

  • You Actually Owe The Taxes In Question
  • You Haven’t Overpaid Taxes In Previous Years
  • Your Prior Tax Returns Were Properly Prepared
  • You Have The Maximum Benefit Of Your Deductions
  • You Have Expert Tax Advise To Minimize Your Taxes
  • Income Is Restructured To Minimize Tax Expense